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Presents are gestures of affection and gratitude. What better way to convey these sentiments than through the gift of perfume? This thoughtful gesture speaks volumes about the depth of your care.

We at Faunwalk are committed to supporting you in your gift-giving initiatives. You can conveniently place large orders through our online platform, and we’ll guarantee delivery to the location of your choice. Our simple order form makes bulk ordering quick and easy, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Corporate Gifting:

Our collection of premium perfumes is ideally suited for corporate gifting. Whether your aim is to fortify client relationships or to acknowledge and reward the dedication of your diligent employees, our offerings are a definitive means to express appreciation. Align your brand with Faunwalk’s offerings to craft lasting memories for your associates, customers, and staff.

Celebratory Gifting:

Give your guests one of our perfumes as a present & they will treasure and enjoy it. Let Faunwalk help you make your happy moments even more exceptional by enhancing them.

Join the world of Faunwalk and discover the joy of giving while adding a dash of luxury and tenderness. Count on us to transform your gift-giving adventures into unforgettable, stress-free experiences.

Why Is Corporate Gifting Focused on Employees Important?

Corporate gifting that emphasizes employees has value since it shows team members how much you care, boosts morale, and fosters loyalty and engagement.

Which Individuals Can Profit from Corporate Gifting?

Employers, institutions, and businesses seeking to strengthen ties, recognize achievements, and promote a healthy work environment might benefit from corporate gifting.

Benefits of Corporate Gift Items: There are several benefits to giving corporate gifts, including strengthening brand identification, encouraging goodwill, and improving the interaction between clients and staff.

Can Gift boxes be customized?

It is possible to alter gift packages to correspond with specific tastes, themes, or branding.

Rules of Conduct:

Bulk orders must be accepted at a minimum value of Rs. 20,000. Orders below this amount won’t be taken into consideration.

Pricing & Discounts: Bulk customers will receive preferential pricing and discounts based on the size and value of their orders. Detailed pricing and discount information on the chosen products will be given upon request.

Ordering: Customers should use our website to formally inquire about large purchases. Our account manager will contact you after we receive your request for a bulk order to help you complete the transaction.

Delivery Schedule: After placing your order, you can expect it to arrive in seven business days. It is wise to consider that product accessibility and shipping difficulties may affect the delivery schedule. Our account manager will let you know about any modifications or delays.

Shipping and Handling: The cost of shipping and handling depends on the item’s size, weight, and location.

Payment Conditions: For significant purchases, Faunwalk offers bank transfers, credit cards, and other pre-agreed payment methods. The order confirmation will include payment details; order confirmation requires complete payment.

Product Availability: Although we work hard to ensure every product in our wholesale catalog is available, there may be times when certain SKUs are out of stock or discontinued. The account manager will work with you to find acceptable substitutes or issue a refund in such circumstances.